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Getting Ready for a Very Warm Day in Bundoora Park, my Home in Melbourne

Posted by: Charles Pakana
Published: 30 November 2021
Categories: Behind The Scenes
Tags: vanlife

Despite what you may think, full-time life in a van isn’t all that the vloggers and bloggers often make it out to be.

In winter it can get damn cold, but a diesel heater (installed around April 2021) and wrapping myself up in a blanket definitely helps keep the cold at bay.

It’s summer that’s the challenge. Believe me, when the temperatures hit the high 30s and beyond, living in a steel box can be absolute misery. So today, with the temperature predicted to be in the 30s, admittedly the low end of the scale, it’s all about finding a shady place to park.

In Melbourne, where I’m currently located for at least the next few days, my home is – as always – the Bundoora Park; and one of the marvellous features of the park is trees. Lots and lots of beautiful shady trees.

This morning at around 6:30am, the first thing I did was find myself a great spot down near the golfing green that shares a border with the park.

As I write this at around midday, the temperature is already touching on 29-degrees but in the van it’s still quite comfortable.

I need to keep Violet the Van a bit in the sun just to ensure I top up my “house” batteries via the solar panels on the roof.

Anyway, that’s it for now and don’t forget to pop in for a visit if and when you see the van. I’m always – well, mostly – happy to put on the kettle and share a pot of tea.

Stay safe – Charles 🙂

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  1. Emmi Godau

    You doing a fabulous job travelling in you House on wheels and binging interesting stories to many people. Stay well and hydrated. Take care


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Truth and Remembrance: The Victorian Aboriginal Remembrance Service 2021

Truth and Remembrance: The Victorian Aboriginal Remembrance Service 2021

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