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VAN in 2022 – Moving Forward

After nearly a full year living in and working from Violet the Van, it’s time to get serious and produce more meaningful content that helps to change the narrative.

Always on the Lookout

Victorian Aboriginal News is always on the lookout for positive stories from anywhere across Victoria. In 2022, the door is well and truly open for a greater variety of stories – stories that would probably never make the mainstream news services, even Aboriginal news services. 

That’s what sets VAN apart from other media outlets – a focus on yarning with people who may not hold a senior position in government, business or other type of organisation, make a positive difference in their own community, or beyond.

Importantly, it isn’t about doing a quick interview over the telepone, even though that’s definitely required at times. After all, VAN operates full-time from a mobile studio, and what’s the benefit of that if we dont’ get face-to-face with mob and tell the story right from the source.

So you’re urged to get in contact with us if you think you might have a story that can help demonstrate to the world just how resilient and determined our People really are. Click here and share some details that can help change the narrative!

NEW: Documentaries

As the VAN focus on video continues, documentaries will feature prominently throughout 2022. Already, following meetings with researches and the Indigenous Liaison team at the Australian War Memorial, plans are underway to produce a series of documentaries that shed more light on the extensive service given to Australian war efforts by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service personnel.

NEW: Educationals

Throughout 2021, extensive work was carried out to establish strong relationships with Traiditonal Owner groups, Elders and community members across Victoria. In 2022, some fruit of those labours will emerge in the form of educational videos that deliver additional – and often different – perspectives on Aboriginal culture, history and lore.